Do Our Eyes Need Protection From The Blue Light?

Before we start here, introspect and tell us for how long you are in front of the screen during the night.

We are all addicted to our hand-held devices, glued to the internet for long hours in the night without even realizing how it impacts our eye sight. This is not something your eye specialist will recommend. Ideally, you should keep your phone aside an hour before going to bed.

Do you know your screen emits blue light, which impacts your eye health and internal clocks? This may be the reason; you are not able to wake up for work on time despite putting the alarm.

You must see eye treatment in Dubai, as and when required, but some precautionary measures to save your eyes from damage will not do any harm. Let us have some brief over it here.

The colors that we see are all part of the visible spectrum. Red light bears the lowest energy while violet has the highest. Infrared is below visible red light and ultraviolet is above violet light. Until the invention of phones, sunlight was the only source of blue light for earth. Our bodies use blue light as a signal that it is time to be awake, and so we tend to be more alert, active, and feel better during the day. When the sun sets, the changing lights signals our bodies that it is time to rest. So biologically, we are not used to the concept of artificial blue light, and this is the problem with our modern lifestyle.

Now you have your phones right in front of your eyes emitting blue light. Blue light signals your body to stay awake when ideally you must go to bed at that time. Imagine the destruction happening to your sleep cycle. Not only the artificial blue light is harming your sleep cycle, it is impacting your eye health as well.

It is time that you care a bit more for your eyes. Get your eye treatment in Dubai, and follow all the precautionary measures suggested by your eye specialist.